Much Ado About Blogging: Why is Everyone in the Blogosphere?

As a consumer you have likely conducted many searches online goods or services. Or perhaps you were searching for how to create a digital course so that you could start pursuing a new business venture. In your searching, you have also likely come across many websites that boast an additional section dedicated specifically to their blog. You may have even peeked at the blog entries to get some information that you needed or, at least, were interested in. There’s a reason why so many websites utilize blogging: It works!

If you haven’t gotten in on this practice, here are three pretty compelling reasons to get you to reconsider.

Blogging Lets You Establish Authority

When you post well-written and informative blog entries, this shows your audience that you know what you’re talking about. You can write useful tutorials, discuss numerous aspects of your industry and related topics, expand upon a complicated subject or enlighten your visitors with news and announcements. The possibilities are endless.

When you showcase your industry knowledge with expertly-written blog posts, your website’s guests will see you as an informative and reliable source. This only serves to increase the likelihood that they will refer your blog to others and will return in the future if they need more information later.

You Get to Make Use of Those Long-Tail Key Phrases

In addition to your primary keywords, you should use your blog to emphasize your long-tail key phrases. These are less-impactful and more specific phrases that a user is more likely to enter into a query. These phrases are also much less competitive, making them easier to rank with. If you make use of these phrases in your blog content and avoid keyword-stuffing, you can seriously put them to work for you.

Your Website Can Be Frequently Updated

The best blogs are updated on a regular basis. What “regular” means depends on you and your time constraints where content contribution is concerned. Some blogs update a few days a week, some update every day. The more frequently you can post, the better your position with Google stands to be. Google likes to find websites that are consistently updated, either within existing content or with brand-new blog entries.

Of course, not every blog entry will do you favors – especially if you post frequently but the blog entries themselves are of poor quality. Make sure to write well-constructed and useful blog entries if you truly want to bolster your rank on search engines.