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Kaleo College Archives | March-April 2015

March - April

During March and April, we'll be listening to the series The Bread of Adversity from Tony Plummer at Grace Community Bible Church in Venice, FL. Pastor TJ happened to be on Tony's staff eight years ago, and likens their relationship to Paul and Timothy in Philippians 2:20. We're very excited to experience his teaching ministry together!

The Bread of Adversity is a six session class on the nature of adversity, affliction, and suffering in the Christian life and how to navigate them. We'll convene on Sunday, March 22nd, to discuss the first three sermons, and then again on Sunday, April 26th to discuss the remaining three sermons. Be sure to keep an eye on TheCity for sign-ups! And be sure to stay tuned for May's curriculum!

Audio for The Bread of Adversity can be found HERE.

Listening order:

Personal & Biblical Origins
The Christian Life - The Tree & Its Roots (Part 1)
The Christian Life - The Tree & Its Roots (Part 2)
Consequences - Living Out the Choices We Make
Where is God When I Suffer?
Brokenness - The Painful Place of Peace & Rest