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Kaleo College Archives | January - February 2015

During January and February, we'll be listening to the series A Beautiful Design from Matt Chandler at The Village Church. We'll convene for lunch on Sunday, January 25th, to discuss the first five sermons (details on TheCity). Curriculum for March, April, and May coming soon!

Download audio for A Beautiful Design: iTunes | Stitcher Radio | The Village Church

Additional resources from The Village about this series can be found HERE. You can learn more about Matt Chandler HERE.

Listening Order:

• In the Beginning
• In His Image
• Man's Purpose
• Man's Hurdles
• Man's Redemption
• Incomplete
• Woman's Purpose
• Woman's Hurdles
• Woman's Redemption
• Together For the Gospel

If you'd like to participate, but are having problems accessing the audio, please let us know and we'll help you get to it! If you have any questions, please contact Amanda McClendon HERE.