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About Spiritual Gifts

Two questions about spiritual gifts that pop up from time to time are:

  1. Do we try to provide opportunities for people to serve according to their gifts?
  2. Do we use a particular spiritual gifts assessment tool at Kaleo?

Re: the first question, here are three resources that are helpful for understanding the gifts properly. We believe that when the biblical teaching on spiritual gifts is understood clearly it helps us a great deal with the practical question about spiritual gifts.
Doctrinal Summary: Spiritual Gifts from our Doctrinal Statement (scroll down)

What Do We Believe About the Gifts? from The Village Church

When Spiritual Gifts Function As They Should from The Village Church

Re: the second question, we do not use a particular spiritual gifts assessment tool at Kaleo. However, for those who would like to do one here's a link to a good (and free) gifts assessment.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment from Lifeway Christian Resources