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Links About Where We Are & When We Are

Yesterday I opened the sermon with three things Christians need to understand about our times if we're to understand our corporate identity aright. (Corporate identity = who we are in Christ together). Here are the links I promised to send out - happy reading!

1a. The Big Picture

Here's Where Your Neighbors Are Theologically  Trevin Wax

Americans Believe In Heaven, Hell, and a Little Bit of Heresy  Bob Smietana

1b. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD): Heretical beliefs about God are pervasive in our culture. This deeply and increasingly affects Christians and the church.

MTD: Not Just a Problem with Youth Ministry  Brian Cosby

Are Churches Secularizing America?  Michael Horton

On MTD as U.S. Teenagers’ Actual, Tacit, De Facto Religious Faith  Christian Smith

2. Juvenilization: We’re three generations into a historical process that has been called “the juvenilization of American Christianity."

The Price of a Feel-Good Faith  Thomas E. Bergler (quote from book)

The Juvenilization of American Christianity  Thomas E. Bergler (summary article)

3. Formation and De-Formation: Mis-shaping, de-forming loves/desires/enjoyments have perhaps never been quite so accessible and pervasive. Eg: the screen, the mall, the stadium, the smartphone. (This point is drawn from You Are What You Love by James K.A. Smith.)

You Are What You Love: A Conversation with James K.A. Smith  Interview with Justin Taylor

You Can't Think Your Way to God  James K.A. Smith interview with David Neff

Two Possible Futures for Evangelical Churches, According to Christian Philosopher James K.A. Smith  Napp Nazworth



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