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I'm A New Christian / I Might As Well Be One. Now What?

Say you’re a new Christian... Or you feel you might as well be one in terms of knowing your way around the life, faith, and hope offered to us in Christ. Where can you go to develop a solid foundation for new or renewed life in Jesus? To the Bible, right? Well, yeah! But how exactly? Where do you start? What do you focus on? And who’s alongside to help you?


The following resources from Matthias Media are great for new or renewing Christians who want to develop a solid foundation. If discipleship in the atmosphere of the gospel is what you’re after, this is a great place to start. All three together can be had for under $5! They'll help you read your Bible in a simple, focused way, and are helpful for one-on-one discipleship or groups. (Some of us will be going through this material at Kaleo this fall - I'll be sharing more about that on Sunday!)

Just For Starters
Kicking Off: Getting Started In the Christian Life (Just For Starters and Kicking Off follow the same format and are designed to be worked through together.)
Christian Living for Starters

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