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Bible Reading Plan for 2016 and Beyond

Bible Reading Plan for 2016 and Beyond...

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Two Weeks in the Word

If you were to read two chapters of the Bible a day, in the span of a year you could go through the New Testament twice and the Old Testament wisdom literature once (not including Job). During the first half of June we’ve been reading in Psalms and Proverbs, and we’ve just begun the gospel of Mark! See the following links: 2015 Reading Plan; June Reading Plan. This ...

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Reading the Bible Together | June 2015

We want to be a healthy, growing church of healthy, growing Christians. So, what are the essential ingredients? I believe there're at least two... (1) Discipleship in the atmosphere of the gospel is at the heart of healthy, growing Christianity. Whatever you call it - however you express it - the two realities of discipleship/obedience and gospel/grace are indispensable to...

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